Voice Lessons

Chelsea has a Bachelor of Music from New England Conservatory of Music in Vocal Performance with a concentration in music education, a Master of Music from Boston University, and an artists certificate from BU's Opera Institute. She has been teaching all age ranges from children to adults for fifteen years. She specializes in freeing the voice to allow a singer to get out of their own way. Chelsea has taught all styles of music from opera to hip hop.


"Singing is the soul's true expression and I believe that anyone who wants to sing can learn to sing."

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Chelsea continues to be a very sought after performer in the operatic field. Her "wonderful" acting has been noticed by many critics from such papers as the New York Times, Opera News, and the Wall Street Journal. Chelsea has always had a passion for stage craft and is offering dramatic coaching as a way to bring her extensive knowledge of the stage to aspiring singers. 


"As a singer starting out in your career, you always want to bring something extra to the stage to get the attention of the audition panel. I can share my secrets for success to help you polish your package and make the audition panel take notice!"


Chelsea also specializes in modern American repertoire. She has premiered some of the most popular new operas that are being programmed now. 


"Approaching a modern character can be daunting. My method will help prevent your character development from falling flat."

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Dramatic Coaching

Role Preparation

Chelsea has performed over fifty roles with companies all over the world. Always being in demanded requires that she constantly learn upwards of five or six roles at any given time. Maintaining this schedule has required that she develop a method to learning repertoire quickly and efficiently. Chelsea will work with you to incorporate a systematic way to approach learning your operatic repertoire so that the first day of rehearsal is a breeze because you are prepared and confident that you are ready to perform.


"I have found that when you perform a lot of modern music, you do not get the luxury of repeating the same roles very often. This requires that you have the ability to learn new repertoire in a short amount of time."

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